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Student License

5 - Atom

I applied to the student license program. Got an e-mail saying this:


We have successfully confirmed your student status and you are just a few clicks away to an Alteryx SparkED License. Shortly, Alteryx will send you an email that will include your product key and instructions to get started to download your license key with additional resources.

Please check your inbox and junk/spam folders for an email from sparked@alteryx.com.

Thank you.

The Alteryx SparkED Team

But never did I get the e-mail that included the product key. I checked my junk mail and such and nothing. I then sent e-mail to sparked@alteryx.com to get help in my case, but they havent responded except for an autoreply that thanks for submitting my case. I even asked my e-mail provider if they block their address but they said no. I have been waiting for almost two weeks now. Im posting here out of desperation.


Hi @AlteryxOtso!  


We're so sorry you are having issues - can you please PM us your email address?


Generally the SparkED inbox is the way to go; we're looking into our system to make sure everything is working the way it should be. Thanks for letting us know.