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Marketing Campaigns & Predictive Analytics


Thank you to everyone that participated in our Alteryx SparkED Designer Training! Huge shoutout to Bhumika, SparkED’s Education Technical Manager, for being an awesome facilitator and trainer!


On April 7th 2022, SparkED hosted a Designer Training for students, demonstrating more advanced data preparation, blending and analyzing techniques (such as predictive analytics and spatial functions). The workflow used sample data to predict how a customer is going to respond to a marketing campaign.


Students had great questions regarding predictive modeling and integrating code into the workflow – not to worry, Alteryx is code friendly (both R and Python)! Bhumika showed where to insert code and access code friendly tools. More on code-friendly data structures here.


The overall goal of the workshop was to provide an overview of Designer and highlight the value of predictive modeling for any analytics scenario, specifically marketing campaigns and being strategic with customers. Check out the full recording and follow along to create your own workflow!