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Hi SparkED Students and Learners,


Are you interested in connecting with an Alteryx Customer or Associate for 1:1 mentorship or career guidance? SparkED is excited to introduce you to our new Alteryx Mentorship Program, a unique opportunity to network and connect with the Alteryx community.  


Alteryx Mentor Connect is a network of Alteryx customers and employees eagerly waiting to share their professional expertise with you. Whether you're a student, learner, or career changer, the program offers an array of benefits tailored just for you. From exclusive networking opportunities to invaluable career mentorship, and even the chance to gain expert insight on analytics projects or Designer workflows – this program is your key to unlocking limitless potential.


  1. To get started, click ‘Login or Sign Up’ on the Alteryx Mentor Connect homepage in the upper right-hand corner, this will prompt you to create a mentee profile (name, location, academic institution).  
  2. Under the 'Profile' section, please select 'No' for the Mentor section as you are a recipient of the mentorship program.  
  3. Once you’ve created a profile, click ‘Find a Mentor’ to search through our directory of current Alteryx mentors. Each mentor profile includes a description of their professional background, hobbies, skills and interests, location, and languages.  
  4. Found a good mentor match? Select ‘Request a Meeting’ on the mentor profile, where you can schedule a phone or virtual meeting according to the mentor’s availability and include a brief description of why you want to meet. Then click submit 

Join the program today to connect with the greater Alteryx network! Questions?  



What an amazing opportunity for SparkED students to get technical and career mentoring! 

Alteryx SparkED Team