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Alteryx in Accounting

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I'm currently a student, soon to enter the world of external auditing in public accounting. We are learning how to use Alteryx in one of my courses right now, and so far I am enjoying it (though I am grasping it fairly slowly). I am curious how Alteryx might be used in the real world in this field. Any stories or experiences are appreciated! Thank you.

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Greetings to everyone. I have just started learning how to use Alteryx and I must say that I really do enjoy it. I look forward to obtaining more knowledge.  

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Hi @jasonrcamacho


great to have you, welcome to Alteryx family!


If you're just getting started with Alteryx, I'd recommend checking out the Getting Started Learning Path in the Academy. Check out the weekly challenges to test your skills! Note the "Labels" component on the right - you can sort by tools or by "beginner" so you can test out your skills! 


Feel free to post a question or many 😉 if you need any info, help, or guidance. We have a passionate group of Community users who are always looking to support others, so any question goes! 


We look forward to seeing you around the community! 


Steph Vitale-Havreng
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Welcome to the group!

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Hi, Everyone. New user to AlterX and I am amazed at the functionality of the program. I look forward to working with the community to share information.

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Hello, I'm just starting to learn Alteryx during one of my last college accounting courses and am very excited to learn how to apply it. I am currently studying for the CMA exam and am wondering would it be a useful to continue to learn Alteryx after college as well? Thanks in advance, Sam Yamauchi

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My name is Greta and I'm currently using Alteryx in an accounting class at California State University, Fullerton.  I am eager as I have been exposed to Alteryx in my internship at EY. Excited to know more and experiment. So much to learn!


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Hello everyone! My name is Alex and I am learning Alteryx through a class at Cal State Fullerton. I am enjoying learning about this platform and was wondering if anyone thinks that going through the alteryx certification is a vital action to take. After this class I hope to have proficient skills on alteryx but do not know if the certification would be worth my time and money. Thanks!

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Hi, my name is Janna, I'm a business analytics and accounting major, and I'm excited to be learning Alteryx! Going through the modules and learning new tools has been interesting, especially when I envision how I can use Alteryx as an incoming professional.  

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Hi, I am Jiameng Ye from California State University, Fullerton. I am new to Alteryx and enjoy learning this tool!! This will definitely help me a lot in my career.