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The St. Louis user group provides an avenue for Gateway City Alteryx users to network, exchange ideas and share best practices. We meet throughout the year to learn from each other how Alteryx can help us solve our organizations' analytics problems.

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Alya Steward, Daugherty

Andrew Derbak, Mastercard

David Velleca, Mastercard

Treyson Marks, ProKarma
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User Group Challenge for 2/11/2020 Meeting

9 - Comet

Happy Friday, Everyone!


    We are now just a little over a month away from our first STL Alteryx User Group of the New Year, and I have a challenge to everyone in the group:


For Newcomers:

- If you have never been to an Alteryx UG meeting, please plan on attending this one! It will introduce you to your local community of users, help you network with other Alteryx users (maybe even job prospects for some of you), and you will learn all about Certifications and more!


For Returning Members:

- Try to bring 1-2 people from your company or your circles! Even they aren't Alteryx users, per se, but they want to learn more, this is will be the perfect opportunity to show them what all Alteryx can do!


Please use this link to register!


Again, I am very excited to see all my friends (nay, My Alteryx Family) in the St. Louis area, and I really hope to see you there!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

LOVE this challenge @ADerbak! Count me in, in spirit!!!






Alteryx Partner

YAY! So excited to be part of this awesome community, can’t wait to meet everyone




5 - Atom

Can't wait to meet more users in the community @ADerbak! Trying to round up some of my coworkers to attend as well. 


Thanks to you and the other community members for putting this together!