St. Louis, MO

The St. Louis user group provides an avenue for Gateway City Alteryx users to network, exchange ideas and share best practices. We meet throughout the year to learn from each other how Alteryx can help us solve our organizations' analytics problems.

St. Louis User Group Leaders:

Alya Steward, Daugherty

Andrew Derbak, Mastercard

David Velleca, Mastercard

Treyson Marks, ProKarma
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Summer Meet Up Question

9 - Comet

Hi Everyone!


It has been a while since everyone has been able to get together, and I just wanted everyone to know that we haven’t forgotten about you or the STL User Group! Since it has been so long, though, us User Group leaders want to know more about what you are interested in. We are working on the next User Group meeting, and we are looking to hear your thoughts or suggestions!


So what would you like to know more about?:

  • Macros & Apps
  • Spatial Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Prep & Blending
  • General Alteryx Overview
  • Anything not listed above?

Please leave us a comment below to let us know what inspires you to learn more about Alteryx

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Alteryx Partner

WOOHOO! this is great news 😉 


Anything Alteryx would work...but if you want specifics...I would say predictive analytics and Spatial Analytics (as i don't get to play with those at all in my work) Also, love learning what everyone is doing with it -so use cases would be fun to see) can't wait!






6 - Meteoroid

I like the idea of sharing use cases - what are the coolest things people have done using Alteryx, or the "check out this bad boy" workflows.

7 - Meteor

Hello, would like know more about some of the Predictive Analytics use cases and also Macro and Apps as well.

9 - Comet

So we have Predictive, Spatial, Macros & Apps - All great topics! I love the idea of sharing "COTBB" workflows like @smerton mentioned. Another topic could be workflow best practices or Tips & Tricks like the ones that were just released.


What else would you like to know more about? Please keep suggesting!

7 - Meteor

Yes, Tips and Tricks!.. Any Gallery Administration overview would be very helpful. Thanks! 

Alteryx Certified Partner

We are working to lock down a venue for this next User Group meeting. Let us know if you have any favorites/suggestions/concerns for venues!


These content suggestions are sounding incredible! Hope to see you all very soon.