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St. Louis, MO

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In Search of a New Role

10 - Fireball

Hello St. Louis! 


First, It was great to visit your User Group Meeting yesterday. Great job to @ADerbak , @DavidVelleca , @Treyson1, & @Derangedvisions for hosting!


OK, so why am I here? 

I've been working with Environics Analytics (EA) for the last 3.5 years, and unfortunately, that has come to an end. I'm looking for new local or remote opportunities that will continue to use my Alteryx focused skillset (Designer/Server) and also force growth with new technology (BI/ETL/VIZ) and leadership. 


My focus has been on collaborating with external stakeholders with designing, implementing, and supporting spatial analytics, data integration, and visualization projects that are delivered in the Altreyx Gallery. During my time at EA I started and co-lead an internal Alteryx user group, which met bi-monthly for about 2 years. It was enjoyable to watch my teammates get excited and begin to transfer their Alteryx skills from their primary role to enhance internal processes. 


I'm based in Kansas City, but open to relocation for a great opportunity.  If you know of an opening or something that may be on the horizon (Full-time or Contract/Consultant), please let me know. There are some great companies in St. Louis that use Alteryx for various purposes, I'd love to help out!