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April 2020 Meeting (Q2) - Call for Speakers

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Hello Everyone! 


I think we are all pretty excited at the turnout for the first user group of the year! In order to maintain this momentum we are putting out a call to speakers that may help us shape an agenda for the next UG. We have decided that it would be good to follow up on certification (go get certified and tell your friends to do it too) and perhaps do another collaborative weekly challenge, but honestly we are very interested in the community feedback for content. 


So this is your opportunity to get involved and help us steer a conversation. If you could reach out to us on this forum or Twitter or Email or whatever magical St. Louis connections you have to the UG leaders, we want to hear about the following.


1) What topics do we need to talk about? Where is your organization struggling or where are you personally struggling to understand?

2) Do you want to speak? It's safe to say that I would be thrilled if someone wanted to share their journey with us. This can be a personal journey, organizational journey or just some really cool way that you have utilized Alteryx to solve a problem or save a bunch or time.


As @ADerbak  said, "feedback is a gift!" so we would love to know how we can better help you.

Treyson Marks
Senior Analytics Engineer
6 - Meteoroid

Some topic suggestions for future meetings:

  • Best practices for bringing in multiple Excel files from the same directory
  • Cross Tab vs Transpose - an overview for quickly knowing which tool to use
  • A discussion on the prior year Inspire conference to help determine who in their company should attend
5 - Atom

Hi all,

We are utilizing Alteryx as part of our automation program in the finance department at Centene.  The most interesting part, in my opinion, is that we created a Digital Transformation Accelerator (DTA) program so that the business could build their own automations without being fully reliant on IT or my team to build it and support it for them.  In our opinion this is the only way to get to truly scalable automation across finance.  We couple Alteryx with UI Path and are starting to see some powerful returns.


If others would find this topic interesting we are happy to discuss it at the next user group.



Chris Dando

7 - Meteor

Curious to know if the Digital Transformation Accelerator (DTA) programs is a company wide program? I have seen companies implement digital teams, but they normally only affect small pockets within a company. Does everyone have access, for an example the compliance department?

5 - Atom

Apologies for the late reply.  This program is currently specific to the finance department.  


Are there any plans for a virtual meet up this quarter?