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St. Louis, MO

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ATTN: St Louis Job Opportunity! Core & Main

10 - Fireball

Hello Everyone,


    If you've been using Alteryx for a while and are looking for a job/career change, Core & Main is looking for a financial analyst with your skills! You can see the posting here:


A couple of tips from me (and I am not the hiring manager nor do I work for C&M):

- This is a role for those that have been in the workforce for a while (2-5 years). Professional experience is a big plus.

- They are looking for someone with demonstrated Alteryx skills, so if you are interested, I would highly recommend getting certified (I mean, why wouldn't you want to get that sweet, sweet cert anyway?!)

- I couple of former co-workers of mine work at C&M. While I don't know much about the company, I do know that these people were great co-workers, and it's an awesome opportunity to join their team. Just my two cents...


Kind Regards,



Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for sharing, @ADerbak

Flávia Brancato