Springfield, MA

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Hello everyone, my name is Eric Sarno and I work in the investments area in Enfield.  Although I have only been here a few years I've found I enjoy manipulating data (usually with VBA / SQL Server) to create dashboards & reporting.  It seems like Alteryx may be able to simplify some of the processes.  What I love so far is how easy it is to keep track of and follow the workflow.


Last movie I went to was Captain America: Civil War, but I really want to see the new Bourne movie!


I would say the Summarize tool represents me the most, since most of what I do involves cleaning up data at the small level so that we can roll it up to the big picture.


Hi Eric!

Welcome aboard!!  Glad to have you along for the ride.  :)

I LOVE Captain America, but my favorite is Wonder Woman.  Bourne movies are the best, along with imho, Bond Movies.  Love Bond, James Bond.

Thanks for responding!