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Data Analyst - Alteryx Consultant [Grant Thornton - Bengaluru, India]

8 - Asteroid


Use Alteryx to automate ETL processes and solve data problems of the organization with your creative mindset.

Provide insights into the data with your analytical skills.


Company or Organization

Grant Thornton - Bengaluru - India


Job Level

Intermediate or Expert


Type of Position

Permanent, Full-time


Key Strengths Needed for Position

Ability to develop Alteryx workflows, Macros and Apps.

Analytical mind-set, attention to details, problem formulation and solving skills, data modeling, automation, troubleshooting, project management, ability to understand varied business processes, good communication, knack for technology and willingness to learn new things.


Education Preferred

Educational degree is not a barrier, should have a succesfull track record of solving real life business problems.


Other Relevant Information

Alteryx Designer Core and Advanced certified professionals will be preferred.

Alteryx Gallery and Server managament experience would be an added advantage.


**Please reach out to poster via DM for more information

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Sounds like a great opportunity, @rohan_tibarewala!!