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Seattle-Eastside Q2 AUG Recap + Local Job Postings!

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hey there, Seattle-Eastsiders!


A bit belated, but wanted to give a quick recap of our Q2 meeting that was hosted by Costco on May 18th - HUGE thank you to Ed Hagstrom for coordinating this meeting space, definitely the best location yet! And thanks to a whole-lotta Costco folks who turned out for this event, in addition to other AUG members from all over the Puget Sound area (Amazon, T-Mobile, Levi Strauss, Deltek, Plaster Group), we had our best turnout ever!! About 60 people came to hear about how Costco optimizes workflows in addition to optimizing warehouse space... and then were all dazzled by one of the most impressive, comprehensive demonstrations of Alteryx + Tableau I've ever seen (Jacob Olsufka from Decisive Data, you are a wizard...) <-- Speaking of Alteryx + Tableau skills, check out a pair of job links below looking for people who are passionate/proficient in those programs!


Overall, a huge thank you to our fabulous presenters and enthusiastic attendees for making this such a successful meeting! 

Hi everyone!Hi everyone!



1. If you are interested in participating on team Alteryx for Good at the St. Jude's Walk/Run in Seattle on Sept. 15 (or just want to donate to a great cause), please sign up here!


2. We have a few job postings to highlight: looking for experienced Alteryx users to work with the talented folks at that awesome little start-up company in Seattle known as Amazon... ;) Take a look! (And in the future, if you have positions open on your team, or are looking for a change, this user group is a great place to find out about and advertise for those opportunities!)


Hope to see a few of you at Inspire - come check us out at the Grand Prix on Tuesday night if you're there! I'll be competing up on stage for all the Seattle-Eastside AUG glory, with all-star pit crew Michael Stead by my side... (EEK)






7 - Meteor

Thanks so much for allowing Costco to host this event.  We really appreciate it, and are thankful to be a part of this wonderful User Group community.  Ed