Seattle-Eastside, WA

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Introduce Yourself!

8 - Asteroid

Hi Seattle Alteryx Users,

In an effort for all of us to get to know each other, please introduce yourself using the following questions as a template.

  1. What is your name, company, and industry you work in?
  2. What are your favorite weekend activities?
  3. How do you currently use Alteryx?
  4. What areas would you like to grow in?
8 - Asteroid

Hi All,

My name is Michael Stead and I currently work in the data consulting and business intelligence space with Decisive Data in Redmond. I enjoy going on hikes, playing any ball sport, and touring local breweries.


I use Alteryx in a variety of capacities: Data Prep and ETL for system integration, custom web connectors and API pulls, and report automation. Through this user group, I hope to expand my knowledge bases in geo-spatial analysis and macro creation. I am on the leadership team for the Seattle Alteryx User Group and look forward to getting to know all of you!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi, happy to be joining the group.


1. My name is Aric Monts-Homkey, I work internally with Alteryx and am based in Everett, WA and work in Sales as a Data Analyst.


2. My favorite weekend activities vary depending on the weather... snoeshoeing during the winter, cycling during the summer and even hanging out at Historic Flight Foundation.


3. I currently use Alteryx to report on various metrics and data sets for the sales team, plugging it directly into Salesforce and producing dashboards in Tableau and extracting data for presentations.


4. I am looking forward to growing my knowledge and creativity using Alteryx.  I just started working with the software this year and believe I have only seen the tip of the iceberg for what it is capable of.







10 - Fireball



Glad to be part of this group.


My name is Michael Mixon.  I live in Gig Harbor (adjacent to Tacoma) and work as a Sales Ops analyst for Seagate Technology. 


On weekends, I like to hike and take photographs....although I've been spending most of my weekends lately doing yardwork. 🙂


I've only been using Alteryx since December, but have already been able to use it to streamline many data prep processes, especially related to getting TDEs created.  I'd love to get better at building macros and apps.

5 - Atom

Hello All,


My name is Travis Sullivan, I live in Seattle (Burien, specifically), and I am a State and Local Tax Manger for KPMG LLP, a public accounting firm. I am an avid fisherman, love the outdoors, and am a Seahawks fan. Currently I utilize Alteryx to prepare large data sets for sales and use tax refund reviews (though I'm just starting and have traditionally used Access for this type of preparation). I would like to grow my skill set in utilizing Alteryx for data prep and analysis, especially as I am a new user. Alteryx has a ton of capabilities and I can't wait to learn more. I look forward to learning from you all.



5 - Atom

Hi Everyone:


Glad to be a new member of this group.  I'm an analytics professor at Villanova U in the Philly area and I'm interested in how I can integrate Alteryx into our new analytics curriculum.  I'm especially interested in working with people to develop and share exercises in the data prep/ETL area.  There is currently a large hole in the analytics curriculum everywhere in this area.  Any suggestions or help in filling this gap will be more than welcome.




Bill Wagner

6 - Meteoroid

Eric White, T-Mobile. Telecommunications

Writing and Cooking

I use Alteryx currently to bring data sets together.

Predictive Analysis.


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Welcome, Eric! Since you enjoy cooking, I thought I'd share a solutions cookbook post from the Mumbai Alteryx User Group page. Enjoy!

Tatiana Servin
Content Marketing
7 - Meteor

Khrum Kashan

working in Tmobile.

Hiking and Climbing on weekends.

Love Alteryx,Mostly using for data cleansing and blending.

I want to grow in Predictive Analysis.


11 - Bolide

Hello All!

I am Gnanasambantham Somasundaram (Nick Name: Gnans).

I am working as 'Manager - Advanced Analytics' for Cognizant. Currently, we are consulting Nike, Oregon. 

I am a travel photographer, chef, father of 1 yr little girl.

I work with Alteryx and Tableau everyday. Alteryx is mainly used for data preparation for visualization and input for statistical models.

I would like to enhance my skills in advanced statistics and machine learning.


- gnans