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2017 Q1 AUG Meetup Recap & Call for Presenters!

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Q1 Seattle AUG Recap

The Seattle Alteryx User Group had a phenomenal showing for our Q1 meeting on February 3, which included a fascinating presentation from DataRobot (who demonstrated their enterprise machine learning platform’s ability to put advanced predictive analytics in the hands of business analysts), and several use cases from AUG Leader Nicole Johnson from GLY Construction (who demonstrated several examples that automate accounting & finance processes, including Cross-Tab, Multi-Field Formulas, Email output tool, and the SharePoint connectors).


Our meeting also included information from AUG Leader Michael Stead (Decisive Data) about getting involved with Alteryx for Good (check out the post on our user group page as we discuss possibilities for groups to support during Volunteer Week, April 23-29!!)… and then we finished up by brainstorming ideas for future AUG topics.



While Michael and Nicole have enjoyed talking about use cases the last several meetings, they’re pretty sure you’d like to hear from some new faces now & then, and we KNOW there are other great real-world examples out there. So we would like to ask (beg, even) for volunteers to demonstrate some of the ways you’ve been able to use Alteryx to solve your business needs. (*If you need assistance anonymizing your data/etc., we can certainly assist with that before your demonstration. And if you’re a little crowd shy, we can even work together to find an example that could be shown by video, slide show, joint presentation, etc.!)


Future AUG Topics

Here is a list of the ideas we came up with from the Q1 meeting… please let us know if you have an example that you (or someone you know in the Alteryx community) would be willing to share at a future AUG meeting!

  • Use of Alteryx to integrate Sales, Marketing & Finance departments/data
  • Alteryx Server: Best practices, managing credentials
  • Cyber Security: Network monitoring, row-level security
  • Fuzzy Matching (which was determined almost unanimously to be a very “fuzzy” tool indeed!)
  • Data Packages
  • Alteryx Adoption: Best practices for encouraging acceptance/adoption/validation of results
  • Predictive Tools (Text Analysis, etc.)
  • Alteryx with PowerBI
  • Employee/Customer Life Cycle
  • Connection Best Practices: How to deal with unsupported data sources (Workday as an example?)

Please contact Michael Stead or Nicole Johnson directly (or reply to this post in the comments) if you would be willing to share with us at a future AUG meeting. We are excited to hear what you all are most excited about! Looking forward to hearing about your successes (and challenges!) so that we can continue to find new and better ways to use Alteryx. Thanks for attending & participating in our Q1 meeting, and can’t wait to see what Q2 has in store!