Santalytics 2020

Chat, collaborate and share your ideas on how to get Santa's Workshop back up and running!

New blogs to help get you started!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

I wanted to direct everyone's attention to a few new blogs posted by Chris Lewis in Engine Works.  Chris has been putting in work on the Alteryx Analytic Apps Introduction and Deep Dive Series of blogs, and they're a fantastic place to get started and offer a few different approaches that you can take when designing your analytic apps. They've both been linked in the Knowledge Base Resources article, but I'll also include direct links below.


Alteryx Analytic Apps Introduction and Deep Dive Series: Part 1


Alteryx Analytic Apps Introduction and Deep Dive Series: Part 2


I wanted to post here to not only share these great resources with you, but also ask Chris (@cplewis90)  if he has any tips or tricks that he'd like to share for those of you in the group! So, Chris, any pointers on how someone might want to approach this challenge?  I'd love to hear your perspective (and hopefully you can submit an entry at some point too 😉).

Will Machin
Community Management Team Lead
13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Thanks @WillM! for the kind words! Analytic Apps are a ton of fun to build so I am super excited for this year's Santalytics! 


I have some ideas that I am currently working through and am hoping to post before the end of the month 😁


Some tips and tricks for analytic apps:
1) Sketch what you want the UI to look like leveraging the first link that shows what each tool looks like when posted on server

2) Identify the problem you want to solve with the User inputting information (i.e. why do you want them to put in a parameter? What goal is it solving?)

3) Keep It Simple Superheroes! Everyone creating apps are going to be seen as superheroes and in this case a superhero for Santa! (Total bragging rights for anyone with kids 😉)


I will add more as I work through my ideas!