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San Diego Alteryx Fans: Join Us...

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We hope you will join our new local group to keep up on Alteryx goings-on around San Diego, learn from each other, share ideas, and help each other build on our product skills.  Please take a moment by answering the questions below to introduce yourself to the San Diego User Group Community. Once again welcome!


  1. What is your name and industry you work in?
  2. What are your favorite weekend activities?
  3. How do you currently use Alteryx?
  4. What areas would you like to grow in?
5 - Atom

My name is Jane Hallauer and I work in the Healthcare Industry. My favorite weekend activities consist of two-wheel activities. I currently use Alteryx for analytical and filtering of HIX data elements. Advanced Alteryx training and proficiency are my growth objectives.

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Welcome Jane!  The San Diego User Group site is brand new this week.  Glad to have you here.

If you've not already done so, feel free to complete our two-minute survey, so we know what you want, where you can meet, etc.

All best,

Daniel Upton

5 - Atom

Hi - I'm Sarah Sieman. I work in public accounting and my weekends are filled with hiking/beach and landscape photography. Most of my experience so far has been using Alteryx to automate manual data processes but I'd like to build on those skills and learn from the group.

9 - Comet

Good to have you with us, Sarah!

5 - Atom

Greetings, Daniel!


Thanks to your thorough and easy to understand email instructions - here I am!


1. My name is Christopher Hall and I work in the healthcare space

2. My favorite weekend activities are learning, watching sports, and spending time with my daughter

3. Sadly, I do not currently use Alteryx, but I've heard so many good things and am eager to learn more

4. I would like to grow in the areas of leadership and analytical skills

9 - Comet

Glad to have you with us, Chris, and I hope you get a chance soon to explore Alteryx, certainly at our meetings.  And, once you're daughter goes to sleep, you could download the Alteryx trial and go craxy w/ it.  Seriously, it will be good for all of us for you to ramp up on Alteryx, because of your experience with DW, ETL and BI.


Hi Daniel - thanks for organizing this group.  I'm Rich Benci, co-founder and President of Provide insight.  We help mid-market companies adopt analytics by providing a flexible resource with all the skills from data blending to dashboards to predictive analytics.  On the weekends, I enjoy TRYING to surf. (it's been a 10-year journey, and I still haven't reached intermediate level)  My team is technology agnostic, and have great respect for and often recommend & implement Alteryx.  I'm looking forward to contributing to the community and help grow the analytics ecosystem.




9 - Comet

Welcome Rich!  Very good to have you.  We're up to 16 members now, and I'll bet we'll keep growing.  Soon, I'll be announcing our initial meeting, probably scheduled for Oct. 18, 5-7 pm in a central area.

Excellent ... and we'll be moving into a new facility in November, off Mira Mesa, so if that helps you logistically, I'll be happy to make that available for user group meetings.