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Retrospective on Oct 18 Meeting: Kickoff

9 - Comet

Expect to see just a few postings from me right  before, then right after our quarterly meetings.  As such, please take 2 minutes to read and respond.    This Alteryx Community has a deep well of expertise.


Overall,it was a relaxed, fun and informative meeting with ten enthusiastic analysts and Alteryx users, which feels like a solid start.


Thank you, @AshwinAbhyankar, for presenting “Analytics to Drive Win-Wins for Corporations and Customers”.  Thanks also to attendees for the enthusiasm and ideas.


Our Next Meeting is tentatively Tuesday, January 17, 5:30-7:30pm, KPMG (3rd Tuesday of month)




  • Alteryx Skill Levels of attendees: All are welcome. Current we seem to have one+ veterans, many intermediates and a few novices.
  • Attendees liked meeting format with mixer in middle. Agreed to self-fund our mixer food ‘n bevs w/ voluntary attendee donations,
    • Suggesting $5-10 voluntary.  Thank you, people!  


  • What are your personal goals for attending our events? Comments were…
    • Help each other gain product expertise (love it!)
    • Gain business perspective on analytics driving decisions & actions, spread product usage in SDC, socialize.
    • In-meeting use case presentation for Best Practice [specialty] Analytics w/ Alteryx, not just cookbook steps.
    • In-meeting, hands-on use case work w/ requirement, mentors, sample data from community or tutorial.
  • What would you like to facilitate? What might you present in 15-25 minutes?
    • With our informal group, I encourage each member to present once this year. Once you present on it, you know it!
    • Thoughts on Potential topics
      • Business Questions We’re Solving with Specific Alteryx Capabilities
      • Predictive Fast Prototyping w/ Alteryx (prior to formal study w/ other tool).
      • Best Practice Use Case in (pick one: Data Prep, In-Database, Predictive, Spatial, Self-Service Reporting, Analytic Apps, Prescriptive, Behavior Analysis) w/ Alteryx.  
      • Tips ‘n Tricks
      • Where Alteryx fits in the industry.
    • Potential alternate meeting venues if KPMG unavailable?
      • Upcoming Kaiser facility in Mission Valley could work.

What did I miss?  Love to hear a word about your impressions.  Thanks again for your enthusiasm and ideas.