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Q3 2019 SDAUG Meeting Recap - Certification Night!


On Thursday we got together to support each other in our efforts to take the CORE Certification Exam.  We started with some prep and got right to it (well... after some pizza and cookies).  As we said in the meeting, the test is on-demand (yes!), unlimited tries (yes!!), and free (yes!!!), so it was great to at least get started.  Being able to just run through it not only allows you to get familiar with the test, but it makes it so much easier to try it again after 7 days since you know the process.


With that said, some folks were interested in taking the Advanced Certification Exam.  One person even passed it ---

Congratulations @Bill_Burke on your successful Advanced Certification!  Your new Alteryx backpack is well-deserved!


Attached is the slide desk for the prep we did.  If you want to give the exam a try, check out the slides and the appropriate certification prep guide and give it a try!


See you all next time!

@zazil and @whitney-fee