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Rochester, NY

Welcome to the Rochester, NY User Group. Please join us in learning from and networking with other local Alteryx users.
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Yes,  I can be involved.  I actually was looking to see if there was a local User Group when I started using last year.  There was none so I am very happy that this is happening. 


Glad to hear @Pepper, I'll send an invite to you. Let me know if you can't make it and I'm happy to reschedule :)


I can help if needed.


Would love to hear your input and feedback @ljmiller 


I'll include you in our call

Alteryx Partner

1. Name / Industry: Adam Smith / Marketing

2. Wow moment: When we could easily analyze and view large data files before loading them.

3. What do you want from the user group: Just looking to understand the cool stuff that others are doing with Alteryx!

1. Name / Industry: D. Benjamin Start / Manufacturing Engineering

2. Wow moment: Macros, that can spit out PDF and email diagnostics. 

3. What do you want from the user group: Network & coordinate with other data scientists/analyst/programmers in the Rochester area & learn how they're using tools like Alteryx.


D. Benjamin,


Welcome to the Rochester Alteryx Group.  Looking forward to meeting you and learning how you and others use Alteryx.




I am Renee, I have been using Alteryx for almost two years now. I work for a lumber company.

I was learning to code in R and Python before I joined my company. I was introduced to Alteryx by my supervisor and started to use it since I started to work. I was amazed by Alteryx for the simplicity and efficiency it can provide me in work. 

I would love to know more about Alteryx, especially for the certification. I would love to see more about the reporting tools in Alteryx which I use a lot in my daily work. Also, I would like to know more about building macros, especially batch macro which I am not that familiar with. 

Looking forward to seeing you all and learning from you all. 


Welcome Renee! 


I just noticed this past week that there's now a User Group not too far from me!


1.  What is your name, and what industry do you work in?   -- My name is Donna.  I work for an Engineering firm.  I work out of my home just west of Syracuse.


2. What was your Alteryx WOW moment (the moment you realized how awesome and powerful Alteryx is)?  I think about a week in,  when I discovered dynamic input I was completely sold.  Of course there is so much more,  but that was my first WOW moment.  No more merging loads of files together.


3. What are you looking to get out this user group? Is there something in particular you'd like to learn, any areas where you want to advance your skills, or are you just excited to network with other Alteryx users?  Yes to both.  I'm the only real user in my company so I hope to both network with other users and increase my skills.