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Rochester, NY

Welcome to the Rochester, NY User Group. Please join us in learning from and networking with other local Alteryx users.
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Volunteer Opportunity - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY - Alteryx For Good


Hi everyone!


We have a cool opportunity coming up on Sept. 11 (7pm!) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.


There is a great group of young women in a Women In Computing Club on campus who are using Alteryx to volunteer at local nonprofits in their area. We have an Alteryx associate doing a demo for them at their meeting on Sept. 11th; and we'd really love for a customer to share with them a real-life use case of how they are using Alteryx. Our goal is to inspire these young women to become Core Certified and gain exposure of what the tool can do.


This can be a remote call/skype opportunity as well.


Just putting feelers out if anyone would like to participate.


Thanks so much!



Education Programs Manager

Alteryx For Good


 I'm in Syracuse,  so it's a few hours away.  But, I would do this if no one closer is able. 


Hi MsBindy!


That's so great - even if you could do it remotely, that's an option as well. Would you mind reaching out to me at I can then get you in touch with our really awesome students at RPI.  Thank you so much!


Would walking them through a couple of my Excellence Awards submissions fit the bill?  It's high level enough, I think, where it doesn't get into the weeds, but does showcase some great functionality and time-savings. Or for more detail on tools and their usage, I could go over one of my Inspire presentations I've given. I would have to do it remotely though - it's almost a 4 hour drive for me.


Hi Pulsar! 


Thanks so much for the offer - let me get some clarification on how much time they might need - and remote would be totally fine.


You can email me directly at  Stay tuned!

(And thank you again!)


I see this meeting is this coming Wednesday.

Do we have any more info?  I have another commitment on Wednesday,  so need to decide to day if this is something I can go to.