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Richmond, VA

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Q1 2021 Meeting Wrap-up and Tips

7 - Meteor

Hi Richmond Alteryx Users.


We had a super Q1 virtual event on 2/24.


Thanks to everyone who participated in our discussion of topics like In-DB tools, Macros, Fuzzy Match, Predictive, and some of the settings like Show Grid and Canvas Layout Direction. (I was interested to learn that at least one local organization mandates the use of vertical workflows.) Lots of good tips!


Tips and Tricks from Annual Inspire Conferences


Speaking of good tips, every year Alteryx publishes a PDF of tips and tricks for use in sessions at the annual Inspire conference. The sessions and the PDFs are always very popular. The PDFs are available on Community, but as far as I know, there's not a single location with all the files. However, here's a list of links to postings that contain the PDFs.








Keep watching for a postings on Community with a date for the next session. If you haven't already done so, please subscribe to the Richmond page.


Finally, if you have a topic for a future session or you would like to help out with the planning of a future session, please let us know.


Your leadership team,

Carolyn Westlake, Alex Cordero, and John Hayes