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What is Public Sector? In general terms, this sector consists of governments, municipalities and all publicly controlled or publicly funded agencies, enterprises and other entities that deliver public programs, goods or services. The public sector is made up of three types of organizations - Core Government, Government Contractors, Publicly funded Enterprises. If you find yourself in any of these three types of organizations, no matter what your department — defense, agriculture, health and human services, homeland security this User Group is for you!

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Colleen HayesDeanna Sanchez

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Q4 2019 Alteryx Public Sector User Group Meeting Recap

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi, Public Sector Alteryx User Group Members!  Our Q4 meeting was an inspiring and innovative one, complete with ideas for new year’s resolutions, methods to improve your brand, and ways to Alteryx your career!



This meeting featured our special guest, Mark Frisch, also known as the famous “MarqueeCrew” on the Alteryx Community, along with our leadership team members, Heather Harris, Colleen Hayes and Deanna Sanchez.  Through live panel interviews, we learned about each of their unique journeys and the techniques they use to increase recognition, create a personal brand, and launch their careers by specializing in Alteryx.


Mark Frisch, @MarqueeCrew  and Alteryx ACE provided in-depth commentary about creating his iconic image as MarqueeCrew, and how the CReW Macros were invented.


Next, Deanna Sanchez, @Deanna  and Alteryx ACE shared her journey as a GIS professional who began using Alteryx in 2005, and continues to grow her career along with the product.


Colleen Hayes, @ColleenH218  and Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Member gave excellent viewpoints on how she uses the Alteryx Community resources to expand her capabilities.


Heather Harris, @HeatherHarris  and Alteryx ACE then provided a great synopsis of her career path, showcasing how effective personal branding can open doors to many new endeavors.


Following their introductions, each of the guest speakers contributed their years of experience and insights as we analyzed the Top 10 “Tools” in your Alteryx Community toolkit that you can use to further your career!  These are:


  • Join
  • Connect
  • Learn
  • Do Good
  • Share
  • Get Inspired
  • Advocate
  • Speak Up
  • Lead
  • Brand


Created by Heather, this list of Top 10 Tools to Alteryx Your Career and Brand also correspond to an enlightening and instructive blog she composed.  Each “tool” is explored, revealing techniques you can use in your own way to attain new goals and journey along new paths!


Use Your Alteryx Badassery to Grow Your Career and Brand 


Mark wrapped up the meeting by providing an essential Call to Action regarding Exposure:


  • Do folks know what you’ve accomplished?
  • Have you interacted with stakeholders directly?
  • Have folks seen you present?
  • Have they read what you’ve written?
  • Have they heard about your buzz?
  • Are you visible?


Heather then provided an excellent framework of how to Make A Plan, allowing you to formulate and prioritize your individual goals, corresponding to the tools.




Key Take Aways were summarized in five motivating statements:


  • Market yourself
  • Volunteer to present both internally as well as externally
  • Write, post, collaborate
  • Promote your peers
  • Alteryx Tools


We hope this meeting topic of “How to Alteryx Your Career and Brand” provides an inspiring and fresh perspective on the numerous ways you can create career and personal goals, and achieve them through the Alteryx Community, Academy, Alteryx For Good, Inspire Conferences, Career Events, and much more!  With the new year (and the new decade), it is the perfect time to spark those endeavors!


A recording of the Q4 meeting can be watched at this link:  Insert link here


Special thanks to Mark Frisch as our guest speaker, as well as our leadership team members; we also thank Chris Shernaman, @ChrisS , Alteryx Industry User Groups Coordinator, for his unending support of our Public Sector User Group.


Thank you to all who attended our meeting, and we will announce plans for our upcoming Q1 2020 meeting soon, so please stay tuned!


Bonus:  One of our speakers Alteryxed their career at the start of 2020!  Can you guess who it is?  Join us for the answer at our Q1 2020 meeting!