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7 - Meteor

Hi :)


I successfully installed the Google Drive Tool in my Alteryx, but when I want to connect to a Google Drive via "Sign in Using Web Browser" or "Get Files from URL" this error message appears in the browser:




It says: Google did not verify this app. The app wants to access confidental data in your Google-account. Only use this app when the developer has verified it with Google.


What can I do to solve this issue?


Thanks a lot in advance!


Continue on anyway...the underlined word at the bottom left will allow you to proceed.

5 - Atom

Does this support reading and writing from team drives? 

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

@LisaL having a non-Google verified app available on gallery is probably not the best user experience. Also from a corporate customer perspective it would be a big red flag for users, so saying "continue on anyway..." isn't best approach from an information security perspective.




7 - Meteor

Does anyone know how to input a CSV file that does not have delimiters? I have a file that is generated as CSV but everything is in its own cell. I can't upload the file but it looks like a normal excel just as a CSV. Whenever I input the CSV I get 0 records.