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Predictive Server Beta

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Use Case Inspiration

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Below you will find several use cases that our Alpha participants actively worked on and the data sources they used to answer their questions. In addition, we have attached a PDF with over 100 predictive use case ideas for your convenience. 




Data Source

Use Case

Jason Klein


What features contribute to the win or loss of a sale?

Felipe Brunholi

Alteryx Telemetry

What is the likelihood a user upgrades to the latest version of Designer within 30-60 days?

Tessa Smithers


How long will a given support ticket take to close?

Leah Knowles/Dan Menke

Alteryx Community

How can we identify early super user behavior on Community?

Mike Dale/Tonianne Fajardo


How long will it take our customers to pay us?

Cynthia Eckles


Can we predict which new employees will be Otters/Cats/Giraffes?

Mark Glissman


Which prospective accounts are likely to land in the next 3-6 months?

Eric Pittman

Microsoft Cloud Sentinel

What is the forecasted cost of consumption of Microsoft Cloud Sentinel?

Brett Hamel


What is the likelihood that an account is going to expand in the next 3 months?