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Predictive Server Beta

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Predictive Server Feedback with Kaggle Tabular Data Playground

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Beta 1 trial (Jan)


Key Selling Point (What Designer cannot do):

  • Better Correlation Charts. 
  • Auto Feature Engineer
  • More Tree-Based Models


Key Issues (What Designer can do but PS cannot):

  • Model Interpretation for Regression. Eg. QQ plot. 
  • Hyper Parameters setting are still fixed at the moment.
  • Computation Tunning. 
  • Feature Tools & Predictive Server still not smoothly integrated. (Details below)


Details for Data Health: 

  • Outlier Definition 
  • Well Distributed Definition
  • Rows Null discrepancies. The data is without empty rows but it indicates null rows.


Detials for Correlation:

  • For Chord Diagram display. It appears with threshold on 0.4 which can be empty page if no strong correlated variables. 


Details for Auto Insight:

  • The Input Variable under Target setting is empty. & The General Setting cannot be change
  • The Advanced Setting Under Feature Engineer, takes 2 minute to show the feature tools list.
  • Auto Feature Enginner do appear error due to value condition (believe some transformation / aggregation only accepts certain data structure.

Details for Model Interpretation:

  • Under Model Insights, when switch to another model, the Holdout option is grey out and have to be retrained.  Hard to compare the feature importance between models
  • More peformance charts could be added for Regression

Thanks for the amazing work and design. Looking forward to the next beta.