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Prague Alteryx User Group Q3

Published on ‎09-17-2021 06:08 AM by | Updated on ‎09-17-2021 06:16 AM

Come and join us for another Prague AUG Session. We are meeting online via Demio - please register to obtain a link to join the event.


What is in store this time?

First, we'll get and welcome and introduction from David May. Then,  Jan Kudrnac from Bits 2b will show us how to automate sending results to the user who runs the WF. And finally, Pavel Pankov will give us a hint of what is coming to Alteryx soon.


14:00-14:05 David May, Bits2b: Welcome & Intro


14:05-14:30 Jan Kudrnac, Bits2b: Sending Results to the User Who Runs the WF


14:30-14:50 Pavel Pankov, Alteryx:  Coming Soon in Alteryx - Data Connection Manager


14:50-15:00 Q&A

Register for the event




Tue, Oct 5, 2021 05:00 AM PDT
Tue, Oct 5, 2021 06:00 AM PDT
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5 - Atom

Change of time!

Due to other Alteryx online events on that day, we are postponing the User Group Session by one hour to 3 PM (CET). The new times:


15:00-15:05Welcome & Intro


15:05-15:30 Jan Kudrnac, Bits2b: Sending Results to the User Who Runs the WF


15:30-15:50 Pavel Pankov, Alteryx:  Coming Soon in Alteryx - Data Connection Manager


15:50-16:00 Q&A


Register for the event

Community Manager

Hi everyone,


To participate in the event, you just need to be a member of the Prague User Group. Click on "Join the Group Hub" at the top right of the Prague User Group homepage, then on the event page “YES - Attend the event". To get the link to the webinar, click on "Register for the event'. 


See you on the 05 of October! 

Steph Jansen-Havreng
7 - Meteor

Dear Klara & Steph ! Thanks for helping to organize the session. Can we post questions here before the event?

I'm looking forward to hear fresh news on the Alteryx Designer-Cloud ....Perhaps an invitation to join the Beta testing team?


Community Manager

Hi @Franz, sure you can post any questions you may have before the event here in this thread! Wishing you a very nice day,

Steph Jansen-Havreng
7 - Meteor

Hello Dear,

I apologize for not being able to join this session...I reviewed the recordings (great idea) and once again it looks like a very successful event with loads of inspiring stuff !

Happy to see that finally we have been able to find the right format for others to review & archive (Demio).

Keep up the good work. Thanks to Steph, Klara, Jan, Pavel, Kevin & David !


Tip for the next session topic:

How about a preview of the Designer-Cloud product? I believe it's just been released....It seems to be generating lot of interest in my neighbourhood

Community Manager

Thank you so much @Franz for sharing new topics ideas for the next session. I would suggest posting them in the Prague UG forum to get more visibility and gather other ideas from other Prague UG Members. 

If you want to review the recording, @klarvi posted the link here


I hope to see you at the next Prague UG! 

Wishing you a very nice day, 


Steph Jansen-Havreng
5 - Atom

Hello @Franz,


Thank you for your feedback and a topic suggestion. 

Apart form the Demio recording in full, you can always visit the Prague AUG Vimeo Account  where are the recordins of the sessions divided into the segments - for example:

Q3 Session 2021 Intro

Q3 Session 2021 Sending the Results to the User who Runs the WF

Q3 Session 2021 Coming to Alteryx  (this video is in Proivate mode, only accessible through this link. If you go to the Prague AUG  main page, you won't see it)