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Portland, OR

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Q1 NA West AUG Meeting Raffle

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



As mentioned during the Q1 NA West AUG Meeting, we are doing a raffle! We announced that attendees can enter a drawing for a $50 USD gift card to use at the Alteryx Swag Store! Two winners will be selected from all the replies received from the Denver, Long Beach, Orange County, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, SF Bay, or Seattle-Eastside User Group pages. Attendees have until end of day Friday, March 17, 2021 to reply and answer the following questions to be entered in the raffle.


PS it's not too late to join the meeting: 



  • 2 Attendees from the Q1 NA West AUG Meeting are eligible for a $50 USD gift card to the Alteryx Swag Store
  • Respondents must answer all questions to be considered (duplicate responses & Community IDs will be discarded)
  • Winner will be verified that they attended the meeting from the reg & attendance lists
  • Replies will be accepted until 3/17/21 EOD to be considered for the drawing (but you people reading this in the future, we still want to hear from you! Reply anyway!)

How to Enter:

  1. Reply to this thread and answer the following questions
  2. All unique responses collected from Denver, Long Beach, Orange County, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, SF Bay, or Seattle-Eastside User Groups will be entered in a drawing
  3. 2 names will be randomly selected using a random name generator
  4. Winner will be contacted via the Community through a private message (by week of March 29)



  1. What did you learn by attending the UG meeting today? What would you like to learn about at the Q2 meeting?
  2. What do you do for a living?
  3. How long have you used Alteryx?


Extra Credit: Share a picture of your quarantine workspace!

9 - Comet

1. Seeing Jorge present his analytical app use case sparked my own interest in creating an analytical app of my own to further speed up some routine reporting. For the Q2 meeting I would be interested in seeing another use case where Python was leveraged through the Python developer tool.


2. I'm a data analyst for Deschutes County Health Services.


3. I've been using Alteryx for ~7 years now

8 - Asteroid

Hi! Great meeting, nice to see and hear from the community.


1. I learned different ways to do apps and dynamic queries at the UG meeting - appreciated Jorge walking through the Santalytics example! In Q2 or future meetings, I'd like to understand how folks are conducting trainings within their org and applying any standards to workflows. @TylerNa Python tool use cases would be interesting too!


2. I'm currently an analyst for a consumer goods/retail company.


3. Been using Alteryx Designer regularly for about 2.5 years!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Congrats @TylerNa ! I have sent you a PM. 😁

9 - Comet

Woot woot! Awesome news @LaurenU . Thank you!