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6/27 | Portland, ME Alteryx User Group RECAP!

9 - Comet

Hey Portland, ME User Group members! 


I really appreciate and want to thank everyone who attended our Q2 meeting at Cloudport last week!  We had 13 attendees this time around.


We were able to get through 3 major topics, all led by yours truly.  If you'd like to share your story next meeting, hop over to the 2019 Q3 Speaker thread and throw your hat in the ring!  If you're dying to learn something specific, head over to the 2019 Q3 Ideas thread and we'll see if we can't cover that topic for you next time!




  • In Pub Trivia style, we hosted our own trivia game based on Alteryx trivia!  I stocked up on swag from Inspire '19 in Nashville and we had t-shirts, posters, and a whole table full of stickers and other swag to give away.  Of course the trivia game was built in Alteryx, too!  Utilizing the Reporting tools to render and display our trivia questions, we were using Alteryx on Alteryx, folks!  The first six questions were homemade, but the next 8 were all taken from an Alteryx Core Certification practice exam.  Questions and answers are in the attached workflow, along with the workflow I used to calculate your scores.  Congrats again, Team 6 (Chris, Brody, and Jon)!



  • I took the crew through a review of basic App building and how easy it is to create a Chained App for more complex use cases.  We reviewed what Apps are, how to make a basic App using calendar dates, and how to deploy that App to a private Gallery.  We also reviewed how to turn our simple calendar App into a chained App, which allows your users to 'drill down' through a set of selections before the final process runs and displays results.  Check out the relevant slides in the PPT, and the attached zipped file of all the workflows we used.  I had a live database version in class, but I've converted that to use a flat file that's free to share around.



  • Last up, we spent a good amount of time reviewing two workflows that analyze the scripts from the TV show The Office (US).  The first shows how a beginner (that's me), after learning just a bit of RegEx at Inspire, parsed through 60,000 lines of text to strip out the scene descriptions so we could analyze who spoke the most words.  My workflow is attached and shows my 5 attempts:  2 were wrong, 2 were right but inefficient, and the 5th try was juuuuussst right.  Hopefully seeing how I worked the problem helps you understand how RegEx works and can be used in your situations!
  • Finally, once the scripts were in a good spot, we wanted to analyze who the Top Characters by Words Spoken were!  Through a bit more parsing and manipulation, we get the data into a good spot for the Reporting tools.  Using Charting, Report Headers, and others we build PDF reports that hold all the answers.  The first is a simple, single report.  Check out the Grouping configuration on the second output though, which allowed us to make batched reports -- one per season!


Here we were in all our glory -- wearing my pie chart shirt to mark the occasion!




Don't forget the general updates we covered as well about Alteryx's Beta program, check out the Weekly Challenges in the Academy section to the left, and check out the podcast Alter.Everything!


We'll see you at the next meeting:  September 19, 2019!


Materials attached!

9 - Comet

I could only have 5 attachments at a time, so once again, here's the presentation from our meeting!

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Hah! I love the group shot @Matt_Curtis !! Thanks for sharing 🙂