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Portland, ME

Welcome to the Alteryx Portland, ME User Group! Please join us in sharing experiences and knowledge.

Portland User Group Leaders:

Matt Curtis, Covetrus

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5/25/2016 User group follow up

Alteryx Certified Partner

Again I want to thank everyone for coming to the first portland Maine usergroup. As promised I have put together some instructions on the Fitbit workflow we reviewed. You will find both the workflow and the instructions attached. We will make the Slack workflow available as soon as possible. 






This is awesome, I'm trying to learn how to connect to API's with Alteryx/Tableau and your post and examples were perfect!  I did have to make one small tweak to get my Alteryx model to work, I replaced:


Works for me:


In the follow-up model:


I believe changing that USER_ID to "-" has the API call use the currently logged in user?  Other than that this was a massive help, thanks all!

Alteryx Certified Partner

I am glad you found this helpful! Thank you very much for the feedback, you are correct, by replacing the user ID with a "-" you will access the currently logged in user. If this is all you need you can bypass the append tool as part of the workflow.


This workflow was built for an office fitness challenge (which I am currently loosing). We had the entire office authenticate their fitbit with our registered application and then used alteryx to pull the data for reporting in Tableau. 


I will update the attached instructions with your feedback, and if you are in the portland Area keep an eye on this site, the time and place of the next meeting with be posted very soon!