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Portland, ME

Welcome to the Alteryx Portland, ME User Group! Please join us in sharing experiences and knowledge.

Portland User Group Leaders:

Matt Curtis, Covetrus

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2019 Q3 Idea Thread

This is the place for your ideas!  There are a LOT of different directions we could go for our next meeting, thanks to the limitless options in Alteryx.  What would YOU like to see more of?


Topics could range from:


  • Basic data prep and blending -- Preparation, Join and Transform tools
  • Spatial -- We did a bit of a review last fall, but we can dive in more if you want to learn!
  • Reporting -- We did The Office example last meeting, but we could've gotten more in depth into how the reporting tools work.
  • Predictive -- Interested in predicting the future?  Learn ways to do that (and be prepared to be wrong).
  • Clustering -- The K-Centroids clustering tool is so powerful!  We could review ways to (and why to) cluster your data
  • Analytic Apps -- We spent some time at a high-level last meeting, who wants to dive deeper into App building?
  • Macros -- Standard, Batch, and Iterative, oh my!  It's been a little while since we've done an in-depth macro building lesson.
  • Connectors -- I'm familiar with the Salesforce, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Amazon S3, and Publish to Tableau tool sets and can provide tips and training on these tools
  • Gallery apps and CReW Macros -- There are many third party tools available to you that Alteryx themselves haven't built.  Don't miss out on some amazing add-ons!
  • APIs -- We can do a review of how to connect to an API via the download tool.

Or any other ideas you have!!


Please let me know in this thread!