Pittsburgh, PA

Recap of the Second Pittsburgh Alteryx User Group

7 - Meteor

Thank you everyone who attended the second Pittsburgh Alteryx User Group.  Special thank you to @LaurenU for organizing the room with Avenu Pittsburgh, Roger Shiltz and Jim McGinley from Alteryx for presenting!  


The session went without a hitch and we had several great discussions on many of the tips that Roger shared.  Particularly, we discussed how to better utilize spatial tools.  One simple tip that I have been utilizing since the meetup is right clicking on a tool and selecting "Delete and Connect Around" from the menu.  This makes development much faster since you no longer have to delete a tool and connect the workflow again.  Remember, there is a lot you can do from the right click menu!


Our goal as the Pittsburgh Alteryx User Group is to meetup and collaborate once a quarter.  We are looking for speakers for next quarter so please reply if you are interested!  Also, we are doing another survey (similar to last month) to try to improve on our previous meetings.  We appreciate you taking the time to fill out the survey and for all the feedback!


Here is the link to this session's feedback survey: Pittsburgh Alteryx User Group Survey

7 - Meteor

Good tip!!!  Cannot believe I have been using alteryx for 4 years and havent figured this out!!!