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Pittsburgh, PA

Welcome to the Pittsburgh, PA Alteryx User Group! Please join us in sharing experiences and knowledge.
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Pittsburgh User Group Meeting-October ?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi everyone,


I'm the local Account Executive in Pittsburgh for Alteryx and I wanted to jump in here and gauge the interest of getting this group back on track with a meeting in late October?  It's been over a year since the last meeting(I wasn't yet on-board with Alteryx) and I heard so many great things about what was presented and the networking opportunity was amazing.  


Please write back and let me know if you would be interested in re-launching this group and attending an event.  I'm also looking for folks to help organize so if you would be interested in doing some planning that would be a great benefit to me.  


Please reach out with any questions!


Bob Nestor


5 - Atom

Hi all,


Have attended the Pittsburgh Alteryx User Group meetings as I’ve been able (because I live in Central PA).  I will; however, be in Pittsburgh during the week of 10/28.  If you are thinking of having a late October meeting, I’d love to be part of it and am willing to help in any way needed!


My many thanks,




Susan M. Jumper                |   Senior Decision Support Analyst

PNMD                                   |   Customer Engagement & Insight

Highmark, Inc.                     |   717.302.2213



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks Susan, as of right now that is the week we are targeting.  Please make sure you reach out to other Highmark Alteryx users and let them know our intentions.




7 - Meteor



I'm a new Alteryx user (as of the past few months) at the University of Pittsburgh and would definitely be interested in attending.





Jacqueline Uranic
Senior Systems Analyst, University of Pittsburgh

5 - Atom

Hi All,


I saw this post after October, but if there are any future PUG Meetings I would like to attend.  Hopefully we can get a group together!



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @jnlipscomb and @JUUP , currently there are no plans to host a Pittsburgh meeting in the near future due to someone in region who can plan. User Group meetings are 100% own and run by Alteryx users and Alteryx supported.


If either of you are interested in putting something together, I would love to get in touch. Of course, I'll do as much as I can to gear you up for success. 🙂


Thanks for the reach out!