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The Alteryx Guide for SQL Users

7 - Meteor

Cannot use SQL editor directly. Always have to fix the Visual Query Builder to build joins  initially and then update it using the SQL Editor.

8 - Asteroid

Hi @Georgealex 


It would help if you could provide additional context.


What database(s) inputs are you using?Are you attempting to write the queries directly in the SQL Editor or copy/paste from another IDE (e.g. SQL Management Studio)?

What types of joins are you using?

Can you provide screenshots?

7 - Meteor

Hello Michael,

   I am using SQL database. I am trying to write the queries in SQL editor by copy pasting it from another IDE (Toad)


I am using inner joins. I am not sure I can send screen shots.


Can we copy paste directly into the SQL Editor.


7 - Meteor

I use the SQL editor quite frequently and just copy and paste from Toad or SQL Server Management Studio. I have found that more complex queries tend to fail when requiring to input a parameter. For the most part no issues.

8 - Asteroid

Copy/Paste from an IDE is allowed.  Sometimes queries that include comments may not be parsed correctly and may throw an error.   Depending on the query you may need to determine if an error is thrown if the issue is syntax, an unsupported method, or other.


One of the strengths of Alteryx is to visually layout through a workflow what a query does, and possibly more.  I'm curious why you're using a pre-defined sql script vs using Alteryx natively


Alteryx Guide for SQL Users



7 - Meteor

The issue was resolved.

I reinstalled the ODBC drivers and set the tablespace I required. This will enable alteryx to read the SQL queries without Table qualifiers.

6 - Meteoroid

Yes brother you are totally right I come to know this from such sources thank you so much