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Phoenix, AZ

Welcome to the Phoenix Alteryx User Group! Please join us in sharing experiences, best practices, and knowledge.
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April 2019 Phoenix Alteryx User Group Recep (AlteryxPHX)

8 - Asteroid

Phoenix Alteryx User Group Meeting Recap

April 2016


Hello Alteryx Phoenix User Group Members!


We really appreciate and thank everyone who attended our monthly meeting.


Please review the meeting recap and download the presentation deck.  We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.




Date: 04/16/2019



Michael Perillo | Phoenix Alteryx User Group

@michaelperillo | michael@alteryxphx.com



  • Announcements:
    • Inspire 2018 coming to Nashville in June. Great opportunity to learn, network, and share.
    • Encouraged attendees to submit a Use Case for the Analytics Excellence Award.
    • Promoted Band of Solvers
    • Promoted and reviewed Alteryx Community
    • Tips & Tricks from Inspire 2018
      • Demos were conducted using Alteryx Designer 2019.1
      • The group covered various topics from the guide and spending some time reviewing the differences between Alteryx versions 11.x to 2019.x
    • Watch Video Overview
      • At the 12 minute mark starts the Live Training Tips & Tricks.
    • We promoted the local and virtual/industry-specific user groups. Please check out https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Join-an-Alteryx-User-Group/ct-p/usergroups for details.
    • We emphasized the importance of Alteryx Certification as the roadmap one goes through for learning the product helps develop a foundational understanding of how the product and tools work.
      • We discussed the new changes to the Alteryx Certification registration. Users can now sign-up and take the exam right away. Users will need to wait 7-days if they are unsuccessful passing the exam.
      • We discussed having a Certification Day on May 18. Event details can be found at http://alteryxphx.eventbrite.com



Join the next Phoenix Alteryx User Group on May 14, 2019.  View all upcoming and past events at https://alteryxphx.eventbrite.com/


The Phoenix Alteryx User Group will be conducting a Certification Saturday day on May 18, 2019.  Registration and details for the event can be found at http://alteryxphx201905ws.eventbrite.com



The Phoenix Alteryx User Group is always looking for speakers who would like to share their use cases. If presenting interests you please contact us at info@alteryxphx.com



Be sure to complete your member profile questionnaire to help us better serve you: memberprofile.atleryxphx.com


Thank you,


Phoenix Alteryx User Group Leadership Team

Michael, Joshua, Wale


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