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Setting Up An Alteryx Server

6 - Meteoroid

I have an Alteryx Server - installed in a data center - which needs to be configured and set up utilizing industry best practices.  First I am reaching out to my local community for potential leads to someone to fulfill this need, or perhaps I might take on this task myself - however would need resources - thus am also asking for links to guide me.


thank you in advance Philadelphia Alteryx Community!


many regards,


Alteryx Partner

Hello @kiteandwindsurfer - thanks for posting to the Philadelphia User Group on community!


While I haven't personally set up Alteryx Server, I'm pinging @dataMack our resident Alteryx ACE to see if he has some thoughts.

6 - Meteoroid

the Alteryx Community proves again unbelievable in terms of support.  Thank you!  Btw here is the version: 11.7