Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia User Group Meeting Recap (09/29/2016)

8 - Asteroid


The Philadelphia User Group just wrapped up its Q3 meeting at Benjamin's Desk and with the supoprt from a few outstanding Alteryrx reps we got a sneak peek on beta testing Version 11! Additionally, we got a deep dive on using A/B Testing tools from @RamnathV as well as a review of the Simulation Tools in the Prescriptive tool groupings. 

It was great to see new faces in the crowd and we hope that everyone had a great time!



For those of you that we didn't get a chance to speak with directly would you mind responding to this post wtih your thoughts and opinions for the next meeting? It would helps us immensly with creating a great experience and making sure that we accomadate everyone's needs!




  • Where are you primarily located?


  • How frequently would you like to meet?


  • Would you prefer morning (approx 9am - 11am), lunch time (approx 11am - 1pm), or late afternoon (approx 3pm - 5pm) meetings?


  • Do you have suggestions for content in future meetings?


  • Please list your most frequently used Alteryx tools:


Thank you again for everyone that attended and looking forward to the next meeting!