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Philadelphia, PA

Building and uniting a community of Alteryx Users in the Philadelphia metro area. Join us to network, share ideas, and be creative with new applications of Alteryx!

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Next User Group Meeting


Hi! My name is Matt Kingsbury, and I work for Johnson & Johnson in Logistics Strategy and Analytics.

I love Alteryx and everything about it! When will the Philadelphia User Group have their next meeting?


Is this group still evolving?



Alteryx Partner

Hi Matt - welcome to the group, and thanks for reaching out.


We are currently in the process of planning the next meeting, which we hope to hold within the next 3-4 weeks.  Right now we are looking for a meeting space for the event (if you are interested in hosting, please send me a DM:).  


We will post something on this site, as well as send an email blast / social media / etc. once we finalize.  There is a renewed interest in our Philly AUG lately and we're looking to meet more regularly now that we have a strong base.  I look forward to meeting you and everyone else in the local community very soon!



Alteryx Partner

Hi all,


Following up on my earlier post, we continue to have challenges in finding space for the Philadelphia meetups and were not able to squeeze in a meeting this month.  However, we are planning to hold a meeting in June which will also have the benefit of serving as a post-Inspire conference summary where members will be able to share what they took away from their time in Anaheim.  We will be posting details on the upcoming meeting once we have them ironed out.  Stay tuned for more details.....




Speaking of Inspire 2018 - I'll be flying out to Anaheim on 6/4 and staying through till Thursday. It would be great to meet some Philly Alteryx users while out there.


Hi neilmcg


I will be at Inspire and will be arriving 6/3. I'll be at the conference through Thursday too.



Matt Kingsbury

Senior Logistics Strategy Analyst

Johnson & Johnson

Alteryx Partner

I'll be there as well.  Time to setup an Inspire post and start making plans for a meetup!

Matt - I started another message thread about meeting up at Inspire. Please join us on that message as we organize the meetup.

Alteryx Partner

Hi everyone,


Checking in again with an update.  It looks like we've got a meeting space for the next meetup, and are targeting the week of 6/25 to host a post-Inspire 2018 meeting.  If you are interested in presenting any content (Inspire-related or not) or if you simply have some tips, tricks, or use-cases you would like speak briefly to, please let me know so we can complete the agenda and send a communication out to the broader group.  Thanks!



Alteryx Partner



As we look to finalize the details for the Philadelphia area meetup, we'd like to get some feedback from the local community.  Please take a moment to fill out the survey below, and keep an eye open for a post with the event details.


Philadelphia AUG - Meetup Survey




Hey John,


Great meeting you at Inspire. We would love to present but aren't available for the coming meeting. Perhaps next meeting.


Thanks, Andy