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New Alteryx - User


Hi All,


My name is Dan Campbell. I'm a Sales & Use Tax Manager at Urban Outfitters with limited experience in automation tools like Alteryx. Our team was issued the first Alteryx licenses at Urban as we have many manual and/or repetitive tasks that are performed in our day to day work. Myself and my colleague Tiffany Wang (@TiWang) who works in our Transfer Pricing group are tasked with creating use cases to not only justify the cost of our own licenses but also to prove the need for additional licenses for other departments.


We both see this as a great opportunity to become in house experts of the product before it is sent out to the masses. Hoping to find people who were in similar situations when they first got an Alteryx license to see what steps they took to learn the product quickly and efficiently. Any and all advice is welcome.


Thanks in advance and looking forward to the next Philly Alteryx group meeting!



Hi Dan,


That's wonderful! Alteryx is one of my favorite tools for data preparation and analysis, it's extremely intuitive and easy to understand. I am a grad student working part-time in data analysis and report automation for my School, and I've used Alteryx to automate most repetitive tasks, it's a real game-changer.


Alteryx has designed a set of recommended learning paths, which offer tailored examples based on Tax and Audit!

Aside from that, I learned Alteryx through their interactive tutorials here and practiced through the very fun Weekly Challenges here - the challenges have been indexed here.
I also took their 2 certification exams, which played a big role in streamlining how I was learning and practicing my skills!


There is also a collection of Alteryx use cases written by users from different industries, companies, and organizations.


Please let me know if you have any other questions or need more resources.
Alter Everything!


Hi Dan,


I was in the same boat when we deployed in my previous role. I have since moved on due to a recent relocation to the Philly area but I just learned my new company is going to be deploying Alteryx early next year. It would probably be good for me to re-familiarize with the program. If you want to block off some time to meet via Skype (preferably on a Friday) I would be happy to see if I can help. 



Thanks so much Nivi. We will definitely go through the options you sent and hopefully get up to speed ASAP.


Thanks so much for the offer Kevin. I'm only on my 2nd workflow so far and I'm trying to figure out what's off. I'll definitely reach out if I get stuck!


Hi Dan - There may be options working with the Philly area account rep from Alteryx on training to get you up to speed, and assist in first workflows to make sure you are doing them using best practices. I'll drop you a separate message.


Matt Delaney