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Philadelphia, PA

Building and uniting a community of Alteryx Users in the Philadelphia metro area. Join us to network, share ideas, and be creative with new applications of Alteryx!

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Hey Philly!


Hi everyone!

My name is Melissa, I'm a data engineer for W.L. Gore & Associates in Maryland. I am fairly new to Alteryx, as is W.L. Gore. I'd love to join in on a Philly User Group meeting to make some connections, gain a few resources, and get in some practice with other more experienced users at my side. Are there any plans for the next one? If so, where can I find those plans for reference? 




Hope to see you soon,


Alteryx Partner

Hi Melissa - welcome to the group!

We're currently planning for the next User Group meeting, likely to be held in the next couple of weeks.  We have a venue already but are settling on the content at this point.  Would you be interested in sharing some of the work you're doing?  It could be anywhere from 10-30 minutes.  Let me know!

Alteryx Partner



Since you're new to Alteryx, you may not have a use case to share, are there any specific topics you'd be interested in learning about?  This will help us to tailor our content.  Thanks!


For me Fuzzy Matching and its various forms/processes would be huge.


Joshua Kaplan
Senior Data Lead
c: 215-816-1111


Sounds great! Count me in! I'd be happy to talk about what I'm doing with Alteryx! 

Most of my use cases so far have been fairly simple. However, I do have small project that I could put in front of the group and could use some help on. I have data that comes to me in the form of manually filled out excel workbooks, which I can create a dummy version that doesn't have any IP associated with it. The structure mimics what used to be a handwritten form and I need to restructure it so that it is represented in a structured format. There are multiple sheets within each workbook, but a lot of fields are duplicated. Therefore, one workbook would equal one row in the traditional spreadsheet structure. Once the structure is worked out, I'll need it to walk through a directory and add each workbook as one record to the new structure. 





Hey Josh - Would you mind sharing the location and date of the next user group meeting? 


*John. My apologies!!!

Well, my current interests emphasize the process of data visualization after the analytic process, including the workflow, is complete. Maybe that should read "results visualization". In particular, my job isn't complete until, the analytical result shows up in the form of Powerpoint slides. Because of this, I'm compelled to do all I can to maximize my control over chart, and then slide format. This includes fonts, colors, analytical displays such as trend lines (based on linear and non-linear regression), 3d effects and etc. For my employer, Tableau isn't an option, so this process has to take place between Access or Excel, and the end of the work flow. Do you have any inputs on this?

Thanks in advance for whatever you have.

Chandon Davis
Reliability Analyst
717 944-8814
Alteryx also has its own visualization tools, not as slick as Tableau but
there. Also to simply get the data output from Alteryx in a table form,
correctly orientating and ordering the fields, and then paste into an excel
graph template and you should be good to go.


Brian D Rauch, MS, HCI
609.284.3554 (cell)
609.893.6237 (home)
ENetApplications: web and data services

I'm echoing your response here merely for convenience of reference.

"Alteryx also has its own visualization tools, not as slick as Tableau but there. Also to simply get the data output from Alteryx in a table form, correctly orientating and ordering the fields, and then paste into an excel graph template and you should be good to go."

Well, I have enough experience with Alteryx to have no problem extracting tabular output from same. Indeed, the tabular format controls that Alteryx supplies, are sophisticated enough to allow direct transfer to PowerPoint slides with no more further processing than running a few VBA macros to "fine-tune" the slide format for the presentation. What I was hoping for were Alteryx graphic output tools offering the same level of control. You are right when you say that the visualization tools aren't as slick as Tableau. With Alteryx' graphics, I don't even have enough control over font selection (our organization requires Century Gothic font), which along with other limitations, causes Alteryx graphic output to be not "slick" enough. I was hoping that you or someone would be able to point out what I was missing when I'm searching for more graphics capability in Alteryx. However, your response gives me the impression that I haven't overlooked anything, and that I'll just have to hope that future Alteryx versions will start to include the better graphics output controls. (The slide count, for one of our presentations, varies from about 174 to 200. For that reason, any process that shortens and quickens the pipeline from raw data to slides, is highly sought after.)

Thanks, anyway,

Chandon Davis
Reliability Analyst
717 944-8814