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Philadelphia, PA

Building and uniting a community of Alteryx Users in the Philadelphia metro area. Join us to network, share ideas, and be creative with new applications of Alteryx!

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Alteryx Inspire 2018 Meetup

7 - Meteor

Hello everyone - I just posted a reply in a recent thread and looks like there are a few of us attending Inspire this year out in Anaheim. Perhaps we can organize an informal get together for everyone out there for the conference. I'm new to this community and have been using Alteryx for about 7 months for handling large amounts of data as well as performing some interesting spatial analytics. It would be great to meet fellow Alteryx users from the Philly area.



11 - Bolide

Hi Neil


I'll be attending Inspire (Sun - Thurs) from PHL to LAX.  Let's use this thread to serve as a roll call and make plans for a meetup during the conference.



6 - Meteoroid

Hi everyone, 


My colleague, Brad Gaston,  and I will be speaking about our HR analytics journey. We'll be there Mon-Wed.



5 - Atom

That would be awesome! I've been using Alteryx for just over a year and love everything about it from big data to repeatable analytic apps.

A meet-up would be great!





5 - Atom



I will also be attending the conference. I have been using Alteryx approx. a year and a half.


This will be my first Alteryx conference. 


Hope we can all meet up.



Lauren Gess


Health Care Program Advisors


Cell: (717) 576-4570

Fax: +1 (888) 972-5619

5 - Atom

I will be out there and would love to meet some of the local folks who are utilizing Alteryx. I am in Wilkes Barre and am traveling out to the conference Sunday to Wednesday.


Maybe we can setup a Twitter group or a Facebook message group to better organize?


7 - Meteor

I'm glad we have some interest. I'm heading out there on Monday morning 6/4 and staying at the Marriott. I can look for a meeting place somewhere in the immediate area. It will be fun to hear how others are using Alteryx in their work. I'm finding more and more uses for it constantly.

11 - Bolide

Glad to see the activity here and interest in meeting up.

I'm connecting with our Alteryx Community partners tomorrow and we'll come up with a plan for a meetup during the conference.  It will be great to put some faces to (user)names and would love to hear your ideas/interests for a June meeting here in Philadelphia.  Group breakfasts and/or lunches are typically a good time to meet up, but I'll see what ideas the community team has as well.


Great idea to start a group chat on a messaging app.  I often find that I'm constantly switching back and forth between email, text, slack, etc. to stay connected with everyone during these events.  How does everyone feel about that?  Is there another app you prefer?



6 - Meteoroid

Hi - The Business Intelligence Team in Comcast's Tax Department will also be in attendance. This will be our 2nd Alteryx Conference. Looking forward to meeting you all!





11 - Bolide

Hello everyone,


Looking forward to connecting at Inspire this weekend/next week.  A few items we discussed for Inspire are below.  Let me know your thoughts.


Philly AUG Meetup @ Inspire

  • We have a few options here, but I'm thinking it will be good for us to meet earlier in the week.  How about during the welcome reception on Monday night (5-7 pm)?  From speaking with Alteryx, it sounds like it will be taking place in the large space that houses all vendor booths, the Alteryx Community space, etc.  Let's meet at the Community booth/section for some introductions at 6pm.  Does that work for everyone?


Communicating @ Inspire

  • Again, we have several options.  Based on what is available, free, and allows communication across companies and android/iphone platforms, I would recommend Whatsapp.  If you would send me a direct message with your phone number (and you've downloaded the app), I will setup the group chat on Whatsapp and add you to the list.