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Philadelphia, PA

Building and uniting a community of Alteryx Users in the Philadelphia metro area. Join us to network, share ideas, and be creative with new applications of Alteryx!

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2019 Q2 Meetup (Feedback Needed)

Alteryx Partner

Hello Philadelphia Alteryx Users!


With summer in full swing, and the annual Alteryx Inspire conference is wrapped up, we're looking to squeeze in our 2019 Q2 meeting.  And we're looking to you for topics you'd like to hear about / discuss.  Your feedback is welcomed, so please respond.


Potential Agenda

  • Networking! - many people have been asking for more/better ways for networking for casual conversations
  • Inspire Conference Review
  • 2019.2 Product Release Features
  • Beta Product Features
  • Use-Case


We would love to get some feedback from the community on what you'd like to hear about and see.  Also, if you have a use-case you'd like to share, please let us know by replying or sending me a direct message.









Hi John,


Excited for the upcoming meetups especially after attending Inspire in Nashville which was awesome! 



1. More networking is a great idea. At the previous user group there was some brief networking prior to presentations, but I think it would be great if there was a dedicated block of time maybe to start the event off and meet other users? This was one of my favorite takeaways from Inspire was just asking the person next to me where they work, and what they do with Alteryx. Lead to great discussions with a lot of takeaways.


2. I think the use cases are important, but maybe simpler ones that are publicly available (gallery,blogs,tableau public), solve 1 very specific yet maybe common issue, or just a broader business/data prep concept since we have a bunch of industries. I know it is very tough to share a lot of these use cases due to confidential data, company policies, etc..., but I am someone who likes to reverse engineer things and bring some of these use cases to my own group it would be great to have a workflow to reference or solve issue.


3. I think the Inspire review would occur naturally during networking. As for the other product releases and beta features. I thought they were really cool at the event and very excited to use them, but I know they are probably close to a year or more away in version upgrades at my company. So although they are cool I won't get to use them for sometime which might be the case for other attendees with stricter IT policies. 


4. Let me know if you need use cases. I can work with some of the folks in my company to see if we can get a de-identified data set or share some of our workflows/macros.


Enjoy the weekend!




Alteryx Partner

Thanks for the feedback Matt - all great points too.


Hi John,


My name is Chris, I work at GTM (Tax Consulting Firm) in King of Prussia, PA. We have an Alteryx user group internally and are interested to join in on any Philadelphia Alteryx User Group meetings. Can you provide any update when one is confirmed? Please let me know if you need further contact information.


Thank you!


Alteryx Partner

Hi @cp2019 ,

Yes, we are finalizing the details now but will host our next meeting the week of August 5th at Kismet Cowork in Manayunk.  I'll be posting a new message here with the exact details and we'll have an eventbrite registration link as well.  Look forward to seeing you there!

Alteryx Partner

Following up here to let you know that we've posted the upcoming user group meeting details here: 


Registration is available here: