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Tips and Tricks from Inspire 2017 in Las Vegas

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

This year's conference was incredible and as always comes with some Tips and Tricks to recapture the thrill of solving. 


My favorites from this year are on page 30. I am notorious for having many windows open in Alteryx and there are couple new features that let you close all workflows, except the one selected and open the source folder for the workflow selected. The first is nice when you are exploring macros contained within a workflow and trying to debug them. I always end up with at least a half dozen windows open that I don't need to save anything from. Now I can close them all but the one I want at once!  The second is nice because when you are working on multiple projects.  They may be saved in different parts of your file structure and every time you save it only remembers the latest location if you do "Save As" which means a lot of unnecessary navigation back to the desired project folder. Thank you Alteryx for more of our precious time back!


Post some of your favorites below. 

7 - Meteor

From the ones you mention the one that I like is to right-clicking more often and go faster by opening the workflow that is saved.