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Happy Holidays, OC User Group!

8 - Asteroid

Wishing you all a Good End of Q4 and a Happy New Year!


It's been great getting to meet many of you this year and we're looking forward to what 2020 will bring. We'll get back everyone early next year about the Q1 meeting plans. As always if you have ideas to share or suggestions, please reach out.



Sarah and Zach



P.S. Did anyone download the 2019.4 update yet?

6 - Meteoroid

Looking forward to Q1's UG meeting!


We are on 2019.4 and everything went well except for 1 major issue.


If you have workflows that push Data Sources to Tableau then 2019.4 will break workflows if any datatypes are set to "fixeddecimal". I reported this issue to Alteryx support and was able to replicate the issue with them. Temporary fix is to change fixeddecimal's over to float or double until a permanent solution is in place. This has caused a lot of unnecessary work on our end. Note that this affects both designer and server functionality.


If you are not using Tableau then everything else has been working great. 


Happy Holidays!

8 - Asteroid

We'll be curious to hear an update about this, @rschlig (if you don't mind reporting back in), especially for all of us using Tableau as well!

11 - Bolide



Thank you for letting us know!


I've tested it and "FixedDecimal" type in Alteyrx became string in tableau. As you said, double and float type were fine.





Hope this will be fixed soon.