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Excellent Auto Insights On-Demand Webinar

10 - Fireball
10 - Fireball

Check out this on-demand webinar to learn about how business leaders are using data and advanced analytics insights to make more informed business decisions – to understand what is happening in their business, why it’s happening and how to correlate, predict & scenario plan for better business outcomes.


Understand why Natalie Nguyen, the founder of Auto Insights, created and developed the solution to support business executives and decision-makers, to make more intelligent decisions at-scale without the need for data expertise or technical skills. Learn how Kingfisher (brands include B&Q, Castorama, Brico Dépôt and Screwfix) business executives are using Auto Insights to make more informed data-driven decisions. Kingfisher is like the Home Depot of Europe. Click the link below to view the webinar.