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Onboarding Resources

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Designer Onboarding 4: Your Analytic Guidebook



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To wrap up your onboarding (so soon!? 😲) your Customer Success team would like to highlight and share some of the most useful resources. These will be things you can keep coming back to in the months and years to come to help you as you continue on your way to becoming an analytics wizard! Don't forget you can always pop a question in the comment box at the bottom if you need any extra help! 




This section includes:


  • Your one-stop shop for links to key resources
  • An overview of the Alteryx Academy
  • The free Alteryx Certification and how to achieve



Module 4 estimated time for completion: 15 minutes




We will start you off with some links to the Alteryx resources that users find most helpful. The links are at the top of the page so that you can easily get to them when you come back to this page - make sure you bookmark it for future reference.




Your Key Resources

Getting Started





Getting Started Interactive Lessons

Individual interactive modules that cover off all the basics.

Click here

Core Cert Learning Path

In-depth resource for more detail across all areas required in Core Certification.

Click here

Weekly Challenges

Fun data problems to solve to test your skill and see how others solved the problem.

Challenge #38 (20 min)


Challenge #2 (20 min)


Challenge #35 (10 min)


Full index of Weekly Challenges

Alteryx for Excel Users

Quickly translate and leverage your knowledge of Excel to become Alteryx proficient with these resources.

Excel to Alteryx Guide


Interactive Lessons for Excel Users


Tool Mastery

These are deep dives into the most regularly used tools in Alteryx. This presents full functionality and capability of each tool.

Input Data Tool Mastery


Output Data Tool Mastery


Select Tool Mastery


Full Index of Mastery Articles

This resource is available for download below.



Go Deeper




Interactive Lessons

Dive deeper into other Alteryx capabilities with all the other available Interactive Lessons.

Click here

More Complex Reading from Excel

There are lots of ways to get data into your workflows. As you get more familiar you will be able to automate more. Here are just two of the many articles that may be useful.

The Ultimate Input Data Flowchart


Import Multiple Excel Sheets


Read in Multiple Excel Files, with Multiple Tabs that have Different Schemas


Training Videos

If videos and webinars are more your thing for learning then there is a wealth of recordings covering everything from basic functionality to advanced analytic concepts.

Check the library here


Core Cert

Don’t forget to check out the resources to set you up for success in the Alteryx Certification.

Core Certification Exam Prep Guide


Core Cert Practice Test


Tips & Tricks

There’s tonnes of shortcuts, best practice, and tips & tricks that you can learn to optimize and perfect your workflow building.

Tips & Tricks: Workflow Design


Tips & Tricks 2016: Workflow Optimization


Tips & Tricks: Alteryx Shortcuts


Alter Everything Podcast

The Alter.Pod is a great source of inspiration, ideas and industry information and is available from your usual podcast app.

Ep.71 - Alteryx your curriculum


Ep.76 - Analytics simplicity: A guide for staying out of an analytics black hole


Ep.99 - From zero to Alteryx Certified in 14 days


Full Episode Guide here







We hope this onboarding has made you comfortable with all the supporting resources available to you as you begin your analytics journey. You’ve probably noticed though that we are just scratching the surface as to what is possible with the Alteryx platform. Fortunately, the Alteryx Academy is here to help; packed full of interactive lessons, learning paths, and videos (amongst other things) covering topics like data science & machine learning, spatial analytics, Alteryx Server, and much more!





The Alteryx Academy






As you become more and more proficient with the platform, you’ll want to put your knowledge to the test. The Alteryx Core Certification will provide proof of your brand new skillset that you can add to your CV, LinkedIn and use to boast about around the office. The exam is FREE to take, is ‘open-book’ and there is plenty resource to help you succeed.



Interested? Elaine will walk you through everything you need to know below:




Getting Alteryx Certified






Just to reiterate, it is completely free to get certified. Free. So make sure you have it on your agenda as your get comfortable with Alteryx and it’s capabilities. After a couple of months of using Alteryx you should have a peruse of the Core Cert interactive preparation guide and see how you feel. Alternatively you could follow this guide written by a keen Alteryx fan and get certified in the next two weeks!






And that's it! You are now ready to step out into the vast and exciting world of analytics automation and explore everything that Alteryx can do for you. Now you are aware of:




  1. The great number of excellent resources available to help you develop your analytical skillset
  2. The Alteryx Academy - designed to take you from zero to hero
  3. Your path to Alteryx Certification should be ready and raring to go. Hopefully you have an initial project in mind for Alteryx and you know where you are going to start. As you get stuck in don't forget about:



  • The Interactive Lessons, for learning elements of the platform when you need
  • The One-tool Examples and Sample Workflows in the Designer to help you whilst you're building
  • Workflow Starter Kits available to kickstart you analytic process automation projects
  • The Use Case Navigator on the Alteryx website to give you ideas for new problems to solve
  • Tool Mastery articles to learn in-depth about the tools at your disposal
  • And finally, the Core Certification to work towards once you're comfortable and have built your first workflow!





Onboarding Action - Button.pngACTION: To complete module 4 and your Alteryx Designer Onboarding path, visit the Alteryx Getting Started Learning Path to familiarise yourself with your pathway to Core Certification!






If you have any feedback or further questions, please don't hesitate to post below and your Customer Success team will be on hand to help.



Happy solving!


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17 - Castor

Hello @Debbie_N  thanks for the great Onboarding Guide ! After completing it should we receive the Onboarding Completion Badge?

8 - Asteroid

Hi @Debbie_N, I've also completed the onboarding guide - is this is the final part for obtaining the Onboarding Completion Badge? Thanks!


Hey @IraWatt and @MollieC 👋


I'm glad you have enjoyed the new Onboarding path for Designer users - I hope it was impactful for you 😇. All feedback is greatly appreciated - there will be a survey sent out as we genuinely want to tweak, improve and perfect the content and user experience.


With regards to the brand new Onboarding badge 🥇, you won't be surprised to hear that it is an Alteryx workflow that assigns the badge to everyone that has earned it...I am told this workflow has been built this week and will run for the first time if you have completed all the tasks then you will be one of the first to receive it! 🍾


Best regards,



Digital Customer Success

8 - Asteroid

Hi @LukeM thank you for the update! That is very exciting :D


I also did find it incredibly useful and have recommended it to my colleagues who are in the process of preparing for their certification.

7 - Meteor


11 - Bolide

I also completed the onboarding session, but received no badge in my profile.

8 - Asteroid

Still no badge for the core cert :(

11 - Bolide

Can anyone let me know where/whom  to contact for the Onboarding badge?

5 - Atom


8 - Asteroid



Good Day!!!

Very useful content, Especially for beginners 🙂





17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I would just like to comment here as this is something that is woefully underrepresented.

What a fantastic onboarding program. I wish I had this when I started with Alteryx.


Congratulations to @Debbie_N , @LukeM and team. This is really top level stuff and more people should know about this.



8 - Asteroid

It was a great onboarding guide.


I have completed the different parts. Can't wait to get my Onboarding Completion Badge :D



7 - Meteor

Thanks! It helped a lot to work.

8 - Asteroid

Thank you!

8 - Asteroid

I've done the onboarding! Hoping to get the badge now! Haha