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Onboarding Resources

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Alteryx Intelligence Suite Onboarding 3: Get to Know Text Mining


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In this section we will cover:
  • What is Text Mining
  • How to connect to Data Sources
  • Text Pre-Processing
  • How to visualise your data


Module estimated completion time: 35 mins


What is Text Mining?

Sometimes you have qualitative data, like customer reviews or short answer survey responses, that you want to gather insights from. So how do you do that? With text mining! Check out this video to learn more about natural language processing with the text mining tools:



How to connect to text data sources?


In order to begin your text mining project, you have to get your text data into Alteryx Designer. The following video shows the different data sources you may have and how to connect to them:




How to use Text Pre-Processing?


How do we use computers for text mining? We have to start with text pre-processing in order to get the text into a readable format for the computer. This video will walk you through why pre-processing is needed and how to use the Text Pre-Processing tool in Designer.




How to visualize your data


After your text data is processed in Alteryx, you have a few options for analyzing and visualizing your data:

  • Topic Modeling: identifies and categorizes topics in a body of text
  • Sentiment Analysis: determines whether text data reflects positive, negative, or neutral sentiment
  • Word Cloud: creates a visual representation of text data


To see these tools in action, watch the video below.




Next Steps:


Here are some additional resources for you to continue learning about the Text Mining palette:



If you have any questions, please use the comment box below.


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