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Strengthening the core disciplines of your Alteryx capability

5 - Atom
Our 4th Auckland Alteryx User Group meeting, users and soon-to-be users from Chorus, Fonterra, Waikato Council, Fairfax and Webranz met to discuss how to improve their "A"-Game.
The main presentation covered tips and tricks on how to drastically improve workflow maintainability and performance. Alex from Webranz demonstrated a typical use case of an Alteryx workflow and how simple changes to the order of the tools can improve the workflow performance. Together with a smart choice of tools and practices the presented workflow ran nearly twice as fast after optimisation. The main take away was that we tend to create one-off workflows without really thinking too much about the structure and performance; while this is encouraged due to the agile and iterative approach of Alteryx, as soon as a workflow will be used regularly and by several users, some work should be put into the refactoring and optimisation of it.
During the discussion it became clear that often there is not always one correct solution but different approaches that might be better or worse. 
After the presentation and discussions, the remaining time was used talking about some of the issues the we have had with workflows and how these these issues could possibly be resolved.