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Hi Everyone


My name is Irene Schmidt and I work in finance at NYU.


The last movie I saw was Little Women and I loved it.


The Alteryx tool that most represents me is "transpose" because it just feels great to use and gets me out of data jams that used to be such a big pain to fix or deal with. Just empowering and that is how I feel. I thought my "second act" career would be something different like gardening- but that its data done a different way is really a surprise!



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  1. I'm Charlie Steiz. I've worked with data analysis throughout my career.  My primary focus has been analytics since 2016.
  2. I just saw the last Star Wars movie.  I thought it was pretty good. 
  3. The RegEx tool is most representative of me.  I like finding the useful patterns in data.


Im Dass. I belong to Data Analytics for all last 2 years now.


Last movie Joker. Put that Smile On your face. 


Tool represents me "Input tool". Looking for all your great inputs on skilling up my knowledge on Alteryx