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New York City, NY

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NYC Alteryx User Group Meeting Review (9/28)

6 - Meteoroid

Thank you to everyone who attended the New York City Alteryx User Group Meeting Wednesday at KPMG! Despite some early technical difficulties, I believe the session went well and hope everyone came away with some new Alteryx knowledge.

We were able to accommodate some folks on the waiting list and had a solid crowd who helped themselves to some nice Alteryx swag at the door.


Our first presentation was by Ben Gomez, Alteryx Sr. Product Manager.

Ben covered some of the new features coming in Version 11.  Many of these are helpful developer productivity features including:

• Autocomplete

• Improved search for functions & fields

• A preview of how your altered function will affect the data

• More robust data profiling tools

• & Gallery based (web) scheduling


Ben was also great in fielding the group’s questions.


Then Raz Nistor & Sam Strong from KeyRus dove into Fuzzy Matching. Raz walked us through his use case with financial data and how he applied a waterfall approach to consolidate tickers in a very challenging data set. He covered how it is best practice to apply standard data cleansing techniques (removal of nulls, spaces, punctuation, etc.) in order to massage the data to a point where it is then ready for fuzzy matching. We discussed the different settings within the matching options window including selecting a proper key length and some of the matching functions available: Jaro, Levenshtein/using words or characters etc. (I took some notes and am applying some of these suggestions to my own deduplication workflow.) And when fuzzy matching can get you so only so far, Raz discussed the power of the run tool where you can leverage any existing routines you may have in (python, r, java etc.) to get that last 5% of the match if you need to.


After the presentation a few of us went out for a bit. I enjoyed my conversation on Marketing and Real Estate Analytics with Peter Goldey – Founder WitLytics & Onboard Informatics.  Sam paid for most of it which was a bonus.>


Also in attendance from Alteryx was Laura Sacchi - Enterprise Account Exec., Suresh Vadakath - Sr. Solutions Engineer, Garth Miles - Mgr. of Content Engineering and Hannah Keller - Software Engineer.


Special thanks to our gracious host - Katherine Palmer and KPMG for providing the venue and food and drink.


And of course Lauren Uyeno from Alteryx who helps Aaron and I prepare the User Group Meetings.


Aaron and I are looking forward to the next one (we will try to squeeze 1 in before the holidays) and as always are eager to hear from those of you who would like to present your use cases.



Dennis Peters