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Alteryx Certification - User Group Interest?

8 - Asteroid

Hello NY User Group --


We are considering including content/activities around the Alteryx Certification program for upcoming user groups, and would like to pose a question to the attendees regarding:


  1. Would you be interested in learning more about the certification program?
  2. Would you like the AUG to work on practice questions for the exam together?
  3. Are you certified? And if so, would you be willing to contribute to the preparation activities or discuss your experience?



Please feel free to reply with answers to the above in a long or short form style. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!


Thank you!


12 - Quasar

I passed the Designer Core Exam and would love to pass the second exam. Much of my work doesn't involve some of the items on the test. Like Geospatial apps.


I would love to work through some examples with a group.



8 - Asteroid
I have also passed Designer Core exam and would be happy to share my
exeperinece with the group. But yet to appear for second exam. Thanks,
8 - Asteroid

This is a really great idea! I'm very interested in learning more about the Alteryx Certification program and the questions that are asked. Looking forward to it!

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Great idea @b_b

I passed the Core certification, and would be happy to work on practice questions and materials for our AUG to prepare for the exams. I am waiting for my invitation to the next level exam.

Happy to facilitate some learning sessions! I am a corporate educator, and Alteryx is one of the main focuses of my work.

Warmly, Esther

7 - Meteor

1. Yes I'd like to learn more - is the program recognized/valued by employers?

2. Maybe a handful of the more difficult/advanced problems.

3. I'm core certified and I registered for the Advanced. I'm willing to contribute/discuss!





8 - Asteroid

Hi Seth - Thanks for your input! I believe we have several members who have experience with GIS and other applications of geo; as such, this seems like a good opportunity to keep in mind.

Be well,

Katherine Palmer

8 - Asteroid

Hello -- Thanks for your input and willingness to raise your hand in support as we explore this space. Your background is definitely an asset! 


Be well,

Katherine Palmer